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WISOPTIC produces a variety of lamp-pumped ceramic reflectors for industrial lasers of welding, cutting, marking, as well as medical lasers. Specific products can be provided according to customer's needs.

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The ceramic reflector (ceramic cavity) is made from 99% Al2O3, and the body is fired at suitable temperature to retain appropriate porosity and high strength. The surface of the reflector is fully coated with high-reflectivity ceramic glaze. Compared with the gold-plated reflector, ceramic reflector has main advantages of extremely long service life and high diffuse reflectivity. 

WISOPTIC Specifications – Ceramic Reflector

Material Al2O3 (99%)+ Ceramic glaze
Color White
Density 3.1 g/cm3
Porosity 22%
Bending strength 170 MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion 200~500 ℃ 200~1000 ℃
7.9×10-6­­/K 9.0×10-6/K
Diffuse reflectivity 600~1000 nm 400~1200
98% 96%

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